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British Nutritions – Health & Nutrition Articles
The powerhouse that is BREAKFAST

British Nutritions – Importance Of Breakfast Healthy eating does not necessarily mean dieting. It involves inculcating a healthy eating pattern as part of a healthy lifestyle. An integral part of healthy eating involves eating a wholesome breakfast. The benefits of a healthy breakfast haven't been stressed enough. Breakfast as the term suggests literally means a break from a long fast. However, in today’s fast paced world we see many people opting out of having this healthy nutritious meal.

Ever wonder why breakfast has become such an important meal? It is purely due to its timing in the day. The last meal we eat before hitting the sack is dinner after which our bodies undergo an entire cleansing process while we sleep. After this long 8-9hr fast in eating (which is the longest gap between meals), our bodies wake up craving energy to replenish depleted liver glycogen stores and to also fuel up for the day ahead. Depriving your body of vital nutrients at this point of time can be compared to going on a long drive with your 'low gas' light blinking. How far can you really go?

Many studies also reveal that vitamins and minerals are absorbed at their best by your body during this time of the day. In other words your digestion is revving and your body is really just telling you to fuel up before starting. Another major benefit of a wholesome breakfast? I hope all those people with fat loss on their wish list are listening up – A wholesome healthy breakfast supports fat loss! Amazing isn’t it? Eating breakfast gets your body into a 'spending mode', where it freely uses calories as it doesn't feel there's a shortage in food. Not eating at this time will make your body flip into 'starvation mode'. So basically your body gets its BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) going only if you are going to jumpstart your day with some nutritious food.

British Nutritions – Importance Of Breakfast 2So the next time you head out for work in the morning, don't just check your car's fuel indicator. Also check if you’re fuelled and ready to take on the day with the vitality and energy you need.
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What you need?
Power protein - 1 serving
Egg whites - 2
Milk - 200ml
Whole wheat flour- 60gms
Oats - 10gms
Honey - 2 tsp or sucralose - 5gms
Baking soda - 1/2 tsp
Salt - a pinch

Beat egg whites till light and fluffy. To the wheat flour& Power protein mixture add warm milk slowly while continuously stirring with a beater to avoid lumps, once a thick batter consistency is achieved add beaten egg whites, honey/sucralose, powdered cinnamon, baking soda and salt. Mix well. If required add more milk. Heat pan, smear a sprinkle of oil on it. Pour out the pancakes in small scoops and spread. Allow to cook on both sides. Serve hot!
What you need?
1 scoop of chocolate WHEY PLATINUM STANDARDTM
Apple – 1/2
Banana - 1 small
Cherry – 1(garnish)
Skimmed milk - 1 glass
Crushed ice

Blend the cut fruits, milk, Whey Platinum Standard and ice in a blender till smooth and thick. You're delicious, nutritious, on-the go breakfast is ready to gulp down!