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British Nutritions – Health & Nutrition Articles
The weight of the matter

British Nutritions – Effects Of ObesityObesity has reached epidemic proportions in India-Alarming, isn't it??? India is following the trend of other developed countries that are steadily becoming more obese. As per the data accumulated by the "Obesity Foundation of India", more than 25% of Indians are overweight-5% of the urban Indian adult population is obese. We are currently part of the most sedentary era of the human population. Apart from this obvious reason a lot of studies are indicating that lack of awareness plays a huge role in these worrying statistics. It is true that a large number of people don't do the basics to maintain their health anymore. So what can we do or start doing to not be a part of this emerging trend?

It's as simple as it's been for generations – physical activity, a healthy eating pattern plus a healthy lifestyle. Regularly exercising and eating sensibly holds the key to maintaining ideal body proportions and this needs to be inculcated right from childhood. Eating the gargantuan proportions of food as the generations before us does seem to be a mistake that needs quick addressing. There are evident reasons why the food intake amongst our ancestors was at a higher level-the generations before us did proportionately higher loads of physical activity to actually need the amount of food that they ate.

Unfortunately we belong to an era where fast food is the rage. Their affordability, convenience and taste are the primary reasons for people opting for these unhealthy calorie bombs over nutritious home cooked meals that can be time consuming to prepare. This fast food trend along with a sedentary lifestyle is the major cause for a variety of health problems and obesity rampant in today's world. Being obese/overweight can increase the predisposal to several conditions like Diabetes, hypertension, PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome), CVDs (Cardio Vascular Diseases),poor joint health to name a few.

So, how do we overcome this? Small but permanent changes are what we need to move towards creating and sustaining weight loss/maintenance. A healthier lifestyle should be everyone's prerogative. With our changing lifestyle we need to create a new pattern with our diet and exercise so that we can continue to lead healthy lives and not be predisposed to the diseases that being overweight brings.

Slimlife from British Nutritions is a meal replacement drink that helps meet your weight loss needs. Replacing 2 meals in a day with Slimlife has proven beneficial to lose up to 5 kgs in a month. Fortified with 24 essential Vitamins and Minerals, Slimlife provides you the complete nutrition you need, helping you lose weight without losing your energy and vitality! For more details log onto www.slimlife.in
Healthy Eating Tips – Do's
  1. Consume whole grain foods
  2. Consume 3-4 servings of fresh Fruits daily.
  3. Consume raw salads with every meal
  4. Include a 4-5 small meal eating pattern throughout the day
  5. Drink 2-3ltrs of water daily
  6. Support physical activity with the right protein supplementation.
  7. Keep yourself hydrated in summers with tender coconut water, fruit juices (no sugar) and buttermilk (low fat milk)
Healthy Eating Tips – Don'ts
  1. Limit eating fried foods to 1 -2 times a month
  2. Limit refined and processed foods to a minimum
  3. Limit sugar consumption to 1-2 tsps in a day.
  4. Avoid drinking too much tea and coffee.
  5. Avoid eating just 3 big meals in a day.
  6. Avoid crash dieting; Follow a sensible plan to lose weight and be regular with it for at least 2-3 months
  7. Avoid drinking and smoking