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British Nutritions SlimLife FAQs

Is SlimLife™ safe? Will I face any adverse side-effects or changes after going on the SlimLife™ diet?

Do I need to stick to a regular SlimLife™ meal plan or can I interchange breakfast to dinner or lunch?

Do I need to seek medical clearance before I start off on the SlimLife™ plan?

Are there any appetite suppressants in SlimLife™? Is Fabuless™ one?

Can I lose any amount of weight rapidly with SlimLife™?

As long as I am on the SlimLife™ diet, can I enjoy all food that I like during other meals?

Can I continue to have tea, coffee and other beverages after I start the SlimLife™ plan?

My lifestyle doesn't allow me the luxury of fixed timings for meals. Will it have any bad effects on my SlimLife™ plan? What precautions should I take?

Can I use SlimLife™ while I'm breast-feeding?

Are there any specific ways to prepare SlimLife™?

Can I drink alcohol on special occasions when I'm on the SlimLife™ plan? Are there any low-calorie variations that I can switch to?

Is it okay if I replace all three meals with SlimLife™?

I'm pregnant, can I use SlimLife™?