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British Nutritions - SlimLife™ Meal Plan
The SlimLife™ way to choose food
Here are two simple plans that will help you in cutting down your extra weight. Choose the one that fits you best and stick to it till you've achieved your goals.
Slim & Fit Plan
Replace two meals (between breakfast, lunch and dinner) a day. Remember, each SlimLife™ meal will mean 2 scoops mixed with milk. This will lead to faster, easier weight loss up to 5 kgs in one month*. Slip in one or two healthy snacks like cut fruits or crackers for brunch and tea.
Active & Healthy Plan
Replace one meal each day with SlimLife™. This helps you reduce your normal calorie intake and helps you maintain your weight. By following this plan you can easily lose up to 2.5 kgs in one month*.
Mix & Match SlimLife™ Meal Plan
Remember, dieting need not be dull tasteless and boring. With SlimLife™ you can lose weight the healthy and tasty way. Here's a list of tasty dishes you can mix and match and have with SlimLife™. Go ahead and keep control of your daily calorie intake.

Note: Calorie needs may vary according to your BMI and the kind of goals you've set for yourself.
Recommended calorie intake per day
Men: 1400 kcal.(min) - 1800 kcal.(max) Women: 1200 kcal.(min) - 1800 kcal.(max)
I would like to have SlimLife™ for:

Mid morning snacks
Evening snacks