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British Nutritions - Raspberry Ketone Capsules
Raspberry Ketone™
British Nutritions – About Raspberry Ketone
Are you looking forward to jump-start your weight loss challenge?

Wait no longer. British Nutritions provides you with a 100% natural weight loss supplement, 'Raspberry Ketone™', that allows you to burn stored fat and shed pounds quickly and efficiently like never before.

No more starving
British Nutritions – Raspberry Ketone benefits
No more crash dieting
British Nutritions – Raspberry Ketone benefits 2
No more excuses
British Nutritions – Raspberry Ketone benefits 3

What are Raspberry Ketones™?
British Nutritions – Raspberry Ketone source Raspberry ketones™ are natural extracts from red raspberries, clinically proven to promote weight loss the healthy way.

Raspberry Ketones™ affect weight loss in two very effective ways.
  1. Firstly, it naturally increases the compound norepinephrine in the body which stimulates lipolysis(breakdown of fat cells/adipocytes) and boosts metabolism.
  2. Secondly, raspberry ketones™ increase the secretion of Adiponectin – a protein hormone which helps in the breakdown of fat and regulates sugar levels and metabolism.

Role of Adinopectin in Fat loss:

Adiponectin is a hormone that modulates several metabolic processes like enhancing your muscle's ability to use carbohydrates for energy, increasing the rate at which your body breaks down fat, boosting your metabolism, and controlling your appetite or hunger sensations. The levels of adiponectin in your blood is inversely proportionate to the body fat percentage you have. So the more fat you carry the lower are your adiponectin levels. Studies clearly show that adiponectin levels are markedly lower in obese people than in lean people.

Raspberry ketones™ help in fat loss by naturally raising the adiponectin levels in your body. This helps in fat breakdown, improves blood glucose regulation and boosts metabolism.
Why choose British Nutritions Raspberry Ketone™ for weight loss.

British Nutritions Raspberry Ketone™ is a revolutionary clinically proven weight loss supplement. Formulated with 100% natural quality raspberry ketones™, this proven formula will help you shed fat fast, safe and effectively.

British Nutritions Raspberry Ketone™ is formulated with 500mg pure Raspberry Ketone™ with no added fillers to facilitate effective weight loss. With its clinical strength, all- natural formula, British Nutritions Raspberry Ketone™ is regarded by several weight loss experts to be the most effective Raspberry Ketone™ formula available for losng weight nad burning fat. Clinical trials have been carried out over time, which have identified that Raspberry Ketones™ is particularly effective to aid weight loss in humans when coupled with a healthy diet and regular exercise plan.
Does British Nutritions Raspberry Ketone™ Meet ALL the Criteria?
  1. 100% Pure High Quality Raspberry Ketone™ with absolutely no side effects: Contain absolutely no fillers or binders or any artificial stimulants for maximum effect.
  2. Raspberry Ketones™ from Real Red Raspberries: Contains actual raspberry ketones™ and not chemically synthesized in labs.
  3. Contains 500mg per serving: Proven Clinical strength formula. Conforms to HACCP - FSSAI norms.
  4. US Pharmacopeia (USP) Integrity: Conforms to the tested grade strength and purity of USP quality standards.
  5. Manufactured in Certified GMP facility
Yes! British Nutritions Raspberry Ketone™ is the Key to Effective Weight Loss

In order to accelerate your fat loss goals, consume 1 capsule of British Nutritions Raspberry Ketone™ twice a day with 240ml of water. Preferred times of consumption are immediately on waking up and 30 minutes before lunch. Additionally, consume a third capsule 30 minutes before dinner. Best results can be achieved when British Nutritions Raspberry Ketone™ is used in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise.
Clinical Studies

The most popular clinical study is one that was published in the journal Life Sciences, named "Anti-obese action of raspberry ketone™". Researchers, conducted animal studies to evaluate the effect of raspberry ketones™ on obesity and activating lipid metabolism wherein different groups were fed a high-fat diet and were then given raspberry ketones™ in varying amounts and durations.

  1. Morimoto C, Satoh Y, Hara M, Inoue S, Tsujita T, Okuda H. Anti-obese action of raspberry ketone™. Life Sci. 2005;77(2):194-204.
  2. Park K.S. "Raspberry Ketone™ Increases Both Lipolysis and Fatty Acid Oxidation in 3T3-L1 Adipocytes" , Planta Med 2010; 76: 1654-1658.
  3. Lihn, A.S. et al "Adiponectin: action, regulation and association to insulin sensitivity." Obesity Reviews 2005 Feb;6(1):13-21.
*A popular Cardiothoracic surgeon and health expert based in U.S featuring in several TV shows including "The Oprah Winfrey Show"

A) Effect of Raspberry Ketone™ (RK) on body weight in mice fed on a high fat diet (HFD) for 5 weeks after feeding on high fat diet for 6 weeks. (ND: Normal Diet, RK: Raspberry Ketone™, HFD: High fat Diet)
B) Effect of various concentration of Raspberry Ketone™ (RK) on Lipolysis along with Nor-Epinephrine (NE)
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